Philippines – History & Culture

Philippines – History & Culture.

Philippines, Manila

We like to educate people about cultures and people from around the world so today We are visiting a new country for us here on the channel a country that many of you have requested us to do and that country is not only beautiful, but has an extensive history And a vast amount of wildlife, and that is the country and collection of Islands known as the Philippines Hey guys, what’s going on? Dave waffled back at it once again to talk about another great country today? We are talking about the Philippines, but before I get in this video I want to know from all of you guys out there in the real world. I want to know considering We’re going to talk about animals with your favorite animal. Come on. Let me know down there Mina. I Can’t talk to New York. I was good to the hedgehog, but I don’t know what happened But let me know your favorite animals down there and on top of that once again Well. That’s know We’re going to do it now parsley where does the Philippines get its name from well this all comes from King Philip II of Spain your Spanish Explorer Rua Lopez de Villalobos vane to the collection of Islands in the 1540s at lot [it’s] a Filipina now Let’s not get this confused with Brandon Magellan who first really discovered the Philippines for Spain this is when he landed on Hamona on March 16th of 1521 and at that point he claimed or founded the Islands as part of Spain and it wasn’t until later that the Archipelago got the whole name the Philippines now speaking of the archipelago of the Philippines it comprises of 7,107 – approximately 7,000 600 Islands the reason for this inconsistency is sometimes there’s high tides and small islands get swallowed up by the water and surprisingly enough this country has a landmass of about 300,000 sq kilometres here the population of over 102 Million Five hundred Thousand and because of that it sits at the 12th most populous country with a growth rate of two percent Meaning it is one fast growing country now the Philippines was the first south Asian country to gain Independence after the second world war In the late 1800s the Philippines got caught between a quarrel with the united states and Spain and after the Spanish-American war which ended in 1898 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris the Philippines had a problem being under the rule of the United States and this resulted in a three-year war Jutland from 1899 to 1902 now strives for Independence began in the 1900s what in 1934 they introduced the Philippine Independence act which gave the Philippines the limited Independence until the United States granted full Independence however because of World War 2 the Philippine independence was postponed until it became a free nation on July 4th of 1946 and this was all due to the treaty of Manila now during the second world war this was not just a dark time for other countries But a dark time for the Philippines as well as during this time most of the islands were occupied by the Japanese Now we all know of the terrible attack on Pearl Harbor which happened on December 7th 1941? December 8th about 10 hours later Manila was also surprised attacked by a Japanese land and Air Force the large-scale attack on Manila and the ton Resulted in general MacArthur being ordered to retreat [from] the Philippines which made resupplying and counter-attacking the Philippines Impossible until he returned on October 20th 1944 and Unfortunately by the time the war ended the conflict had taken the lives of five hundred and [twenty-seven] thousand people now let’s jump out of the dark moments in the Philippine history and talk about some of the lighter and greater moments of the Philippines the Philippines is a country that is rich with all Sorts of different types of lights as a matter of fact they say there is a large portion of life that they’ve never even Discovered yet, so what makes the Philippines great? is that it is the country with the highest rate of discovery for a new life for example [in] july of 2006 they found 23 new species of Mammal and that was discovered on the island of Lucia now the interesting thing about the Philippines is that 90% of its population is Christian and 80% of them are identified as Roman catholic what I mind also weird about that Is that it is the only South Asian country to have a catholic? Majority and because of that the Philippines holds the world’s longest Christmas Celebration now the reason for this is [because] it is very common to see people in September putting up decorations At their houses or in Malls Actually up here in North America We love the Christmas tree But down there they prefer their Christmas parole which are lights created from Bamboo and paper and the holiday itself usually Continues into January with the feast of the three kings now speaking of balls.

Philippines, Manila

Do you guys know that the Philippines has four of the world’s top largest malls those walls are Sm megamall Sm Seaside City Cebu Sm the Mall of Asia and the biggest one coming at third in the entire world the Sm North EdSa Mall with over five million one hundred thousand square feet now one thing that’s really interesting about the Philippines it is the world’s top supplier of Nurses, that’s right 25% of all the nurses worldwide actually come from this country and not only that but 11% of its population are Generally working all abroad which equals to almost 11 million people now another [thing] that makes the Philippines Amazing is its amount of un e [ezio] world heritage sites one of the most famous is [the] rice terraces of the cordillera Which date back to over 2000 years ago now they were inducted into the une seo in 1995 and it was the first ever property in the heritage list as a cultural landscape and speaking of heritage sites you might be shocked to know that the Philippines have nine of them right that range from Churches to mountains and let’s not even consider the other 19 that are on the list for consideration But one of the most special heritage sites is this about a reef Yes, battery is located in the sulu sea And this was a site that was inscribed in 1993 it is home to no less than six hundred species of fish 350 Coral 11 Shark Species 13 Dolphin and whale species and over a hundred species of bird and because it’s diversity in life it is one of the most protected Sites in the entire world that’s it guys my name’s dave waffle head. It’s been awesome talking about the Philippines This is one that I’ve been looking forward to for a while I know you guys have but you know I’ve always wanted to go to the Philippines because it looks really beautiful But for all you guys out there be sure to leave comments for future places for us to talk about because for me It’s been awesome talking about the Philippines and learning something new about a country that has a vast and amazing landscape while just merely touching on its history and stories of its people and culture a growing country with lots to offer from heritage sites on Land to aquatic the Philippines is a place that helps remind us that we are not the only creatures in the big picture We call life.

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