Pandemic – December 2020

Next Pandemic – December 2020


Yes, Next Pandemic-like situation will happen this December, 2020 according to the Master. Abhigya Anand. Abhigya Anand is a 14 year old astrologer based in India. Boy who predicted Covid-19 warned the world of another severe outbreak in August 2019. He had uploaded the video named as ‘Severe Danger To The World From Nov 2019 To April 2020’ on youtube. 

Now, In his recently uploaded video, Abhigya claims that another disaster or pandemic will hit the earth on December 20, 2020, and it will continue until March 31, 2021.

He claims that another disaster or pandemic which will hit the earth on December 20, 2020, will be more severe than the coronavirus outbreak which will create huge loss then what we are experiencing now in the world. He also said that its impact will last till March 2021.

He said that only if we gain immunity, we will be able to protect ourselves from these pandemic outbreaks in the future.


Let’s build our immune system strong to tackle any kind of pandemic outbreak. He also said that we must stop killing animals and harming mother nature. He also mentioned we are increasing our Karma and if we do not stop we will have to face the wrath of mother earth. He urged all the meat lovers and vendors to give up their craving / profession as a sacrifice.

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