How to Send Load to the Philippines

How to Send Load to the Philippines.

Send Load to the Philippines
We’ll show a couple of ways on how to load your globe at home prepaid Wifi If you’re new to our blo. I hope you enjoy In today’s video. We’ll show you three easiest ways on how to load your globe at home prepaid Wi-Fi but in Globe’s site or web site There are six ways on how to load your globe at home prepaid Wi-Fi But today we’ll just gonna tackle three easiest way. So without further ado. Let’s go and get started Number one using your globe at home app For detailed instructions, you can click the link here or you can also click the link below in our description box Second is to load your own phone where you installed the app Okay, and after that make sure you have an extra balance because there is a one peso transaction charge So let’s get started so click your globe at home app lets just wait a bit then go to dashboard Get more data Select home SURF15 or any other promo that you want And then charged to your globe or TM mobile just click it and then select proceed then a text will arrive, just reply yes Waiting then a confirmation will arrive, then you can just refresh the app right corner ok so our homeSURF 15 registration is successful Number two is using asterisks 143 number sign on your phone okay, so how to do it its like this, so asterisk 143 number sign So lets just wait then select number two my account its just like the steps on sharing a load And then go to Globe at home number 8 postpaid globe at home prepaid Wi-Fi back so select number two And then enter ten digit Globe at home prepaid wifi the number that is located at the back of your modem blah blah Oops So double-check Hey, then press send lets try again 🙂 Yeah then get data after entering the number share promo without a pin or with pin, depending on your settings then choose homeSURF 15 again or HS 349….. home SURF 15 Then confirm so again wait for a text message obviously nothing yet Yeah, all right now and then you can just check with your Globe at home app if the load was successful And wait i forgot to reply yes 🙂 Yeah now there’s a confirmation now you have successfully shared then go to your  globe at home app and refresh There so we have another 1gb data its done Number three is using Autoloadmax or go to a store and purchase a load because number 1 and 2 would still require that you have a balance on your phone to share the load so what we did is to buy a retailer sim so we can load ourselves instead of going to the store which is a hassle That is it for today, thank you for watching guys and I hope we have helped you with your questions on how to load your Globe at home prepaid wifi I’ll see you on our next video if you have any suggestions comments and reactions you can just comment it down below and We’ll do our best to answer your questions as well I’ll see you next time and please consider subscribing if you like this video Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up as well. 

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