Camila Cabello – 20 interesting facts

Camila Cabello – 20 interesting facts.

Camila Cabello

Yes, it’s is the gorgeous singer: Camila Cabello again, we all know that she has just released two hit singles : “ my oh my”and” this love” last week fulfilling her super hot new albums: Romance, and in this video, we’re going to list down to pick up the top 20 interesting facts about this famous solo singer, let get started. Who is camila cabello? Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao was born March 3, 1997 is a Cuban-American singer, songwriter and actress. She rose to prominence as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, formed on The X Factor (U.S.) in 2012, signing a joint record deal with Syco Music and Epic Records. When she was working as a part of Fifth Harmony Girl group, she released her first solo singles feat with Shawn Mendes- the talented handsome singer- “I know what you did last summer” and got huge attention. After leaving the group in December 2016,Cabello released several other collaborations, including “Hey Ma” with Pitbull and J Balvin For The Fate of the Furious soundtrack. Cabello has won Fan Fave Video, Best Pop Videoand Best New International Artist categories of the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards Competition in 2016 and 2017. She has also won MTV Europe Music Award for best pop’ in 2017 and Instagramer Global at the MTV Millennial Awards in 2017. Her debut solo single “Crying in the Club”was released in May 2017, and peaked at number 47 in the U.S. Refocusing her sound to Latin-influencedmusic theater. Her debut studio album Camila (2018) debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, with its lead single “Havana” featuring YoungThug topping the charts in several countries, including the UK and the U.S, the second single”Never Be the Same” also reached the top 10 in several countries. In June 2019, she released the single “Señorita”with Canadian singer Shawn Mendes again; the song reached number one in most European countries,as well as becoming her second single as lead artist to top the US Billboard Hot 100. Few days ago, she has just released 2 hit singles“My oh my” and” this love” fulfilling her super hot albums “Romance”, following:Shameless, Easy, Liar, Cry For Me and Living Proof. And let’s pick up her top 20 interesting facts to understand more about this famous singer

Camila Cabello

Top 20 interesting facts about Camila Cabello:

1. Cabello left school early to pursue singing. Cabello dropped out of school in ninth grade (the same as year 10 in the UK) to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Still, she started home-schooling and wenton to get her high school diploma.

2. She is inspired by Latin musicians: Cabello has said she was influenced by Latinmusic during her childhood, and grew up listening to artists like Celia Cruz and Alejandro Fernández. That is also the reason why her singles and albums almost carry the colors of Latin beautiful and lyrics such as: ‘Havana’, ‘My oh my’.

3. ‘Havana’ topped the Billboard pop chart for longer than any other female solo artist has in 5 years. Cabello’s huge hit ‘Havana’ topped theBillboard’s Pop Songs for seven weeks – the longest reign for a lead female artist in five years. The last time this was done was with TaylorSwift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ in 2013, which also topped the chart for seven weeks.

4. She’s charitable: It’s always great to see celebrities use their power for good, with Camila supporting Save the Children. That kind of mass support can make a whole lot of difference in the world, and in this case, it will help a lot of children who are in need of support. Save the Children is an organization that strives to help children all around the globe. On their website, they describe the fields they work in; U.S. programs, education, emergency response, health and nutrition, HIV and AIDS,hunger and livelihoods, newborn and child survival, protecting children, and U.S. disaster response. Through all this, they’re letting children worldwide get the starting chance they deserve.

5. Her first single after leaving Fifth Harmonyunderperformed: ‘Crying in the Club’-Cabello’s first solo single after leaving Fifth Harmony, ‘, which was written with Sia and Benny Blanco, underperformed and was consequently left off her album ‘Camila’ – despite originally being released as therecord’s lead single. And it didn’t receive much notes unlike the others singles.

6. The unstable childhood: Camila was born in Havana, Cuba. Her family moved back and forth between Havanaand Mexico City, before they relocated to Miami, Florida when Camila was five years old. Camila didn’t gain American citizenship until 2008.

7. The little girl has a rich inner world. At the age of 6, Camila’s family emigrated to the United States. When setting foot on Miami land, Camila started a new life with a plentiful zero when she did not know English (her native language is Spanish). Because of the language barrier, little Camila Could not talk to her friends and tried to make friends with music. She played vibrant pop songs with her boombox and then danced and sang along. “That was how I communicated with people,”Camila recalls. “My grandmother said that I have a rich innerworld.”

8. Top hit with multiple handle: Their “sẽnorita”2019 hit was composed by 8 musicians and took more than 15 months to complete it, including: Charli XCX, BennyBlanco, Cashmere Cat, Andrew Watt, Jack Patterson, Ali Tamposi, Shawn Mendes.

9. She had dated with Matthew Hussey – theCosmopolitan’s Relationship Contributor. But that doesn’t mean you’ll find a lot of pics of Camila and Matt floating around the internet. Why? Because she’s super private when it comes to social media. “I try to protect myself as much as I can. I don’t have any social media on my phone,”she told Cosmopolitan. “I have it on my mom’s phone, so if there’s anything I want to say or if I want to read through what my fans are sending me, I can. It has made a world of difference. If it is right at your fingertips, there’s a huge chance you’re going to come across something that really hurts your feelings. Huge. And it’s impossible to forget it.” When asked about her love life, Camila keptit brief: “I just love. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. I need to feel that emotion. Finding your person is one of the closest things we have to magic. You just can’t explain it. The same way you can’t explain why a song makes you cry.”

10. Cabello used to have a Taylor Swift poster in her room: Announcing on Instagram that she will be supportingTaylor Swift on tour, Cabello revealed that she once had a poster of the megastar in herroom when she was 14. And they are also best friends, reportedly said that Taylor is the one who celebrates Camila’s 18 birthday when she almost forgot it.

11. The hard time after leaving Fifth Harmony: Camila in 2017 said that ‘a little over a year ago,’ whilst penning her music in hotel bathrooms, ‘I was completely broken during that time, I was in the kind of pain that’s uncomfortable to talk about, and it was the kind of chapter you never want to read out loud…’ she said. ‘I couldn’t write another song for 6 months because writing meant I had to feel everything.’

12. Passion for “Romance” albums comes fromShawn Mendes: When romance rumors first sparked over the summer that Cabello and Mendes were indeed more than just friends, some non-believers called the relationship fake, with others claiming it was a publicity stunt. Since then, the two have seemingly become more comfortable showcasing their love in the public eye. On Nov. 25, for example, following their fun night out at the American Music Awards, Cabello penned a heartwarming message dedicated toMendes on Instagram. “I love u @shawnmendes,” she wrote. “Thank u for being so there for me yesterday and every other day, u have the most caring and beautiful heart in the world.” Naturally, we had to ask Cabello if this is true love. She admitted that the inspiration come fromShawn Mendes.

13. She got a huge passion in football. Camila is a big soccer fan, and she roots for Brazil’s national team. And it is not difficult when catching her going outside, wearing her favorite Tshirt about her into the football team, and reportedly said that cabello sometimes was caught watching live Brazil football in its tournament.

14. Her favorite movie is Life is beautiful:“Here’s this movie called Life Is Beautiful, it’s an Italian movie. I think it’s my mom’s favourite movie. It’s like her whole way of looking at life,and it just reminds me of how I want to look at life.” She said.

15. She wants to have a superpower: “If I have a super power, It would be the power to have a clone, but we would have the same brain, so we would feel both lives at once. Like, we could watch a movie, and also eat at a great restaurant, and I would feel both of them. But it would be difficult, because I could also be having the best time of my life, and then my clone gets into an accident, and Iwould feel a lot of pain, and happiness.” She said.

16. She will become a barista if she quit singing: She would want to work in a coffee shop because she has this dream of meeting someone in a coffee shop, and falling in love with them and talking to them every day. And they only come to the coffee shop together. But it’s not because her coffee’s good. It’s because they like her.

17. Inspiration for Havana According to NME, the birth anniversary of this song is quite interesting. Specifically, while going to sushi with producerFrank Dunes three years ago, Cabello overheard piano tunes reminiscent of her hometown ofHavana, and the billion-hit hit of the same name was written by here. And exactly she cannot imagine that the song had such a fiercely spreading emotion.

18. Her phobia is shark and ocean: “I really have to get over my fear of sharks and the ocean. If I’m in the ocean and my feet can’t touch the sand I won’t do it, I freak out. I went to Cancún this year with my family,and we went scuba diving, and I literally was having an anxiety attack while scuba diving. I was like, “It’s right behind me! I know it, it’s right behind me!” It was not, I’m still here, but it was horrible. I peed a little bit in the ocean, and I was like, “The shark can trace my pee, I know he’s coming!” she said when being asked about which make she scare at all.

19. Her favorite movie series is Harry Potter: When she revealed that she hates going out and really just wants to stay in and watch Harry Potter:” this year my resolution is just to be more brave in life. Like most nights I just want to stay in and watch Harry potter. So you know, instead of pushing yourself to go and hang out with someone new. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

20. Camila’s net worth 2019 : She’s actually worth millions. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her brandis valued at $18 million and it’s only going up. And her net worth goes escalating every year,2017 is about $8 million, 2018 with $15 million and 2019 is approximately $18.5 million. But she is the one said that money is always the second thing she considered when composing and releasing any singles. 

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